How to Wake Up Early

How to Wake up Early

Waking up early in the morning has a ton of benefits. Great leaders and entrepreneurs are consistently known for being early risers. We cannot create more hours or minutes in the day; time just keeps ticking. We all have the same 24 hours. The one way most people “manufacture” more time is to use the early morning hours to tackle their workout, a writing habit, meditate, or build their business. Many of us fail in becoming a morning person, but with a little preparation and self-discipline, you can work towards being more efficient in the first hours of your day. Here are some tips that can help you learn how to wake up early:

Prepare to wake up early

Get the right mattress:

Wake up more energized by sleeping on the right bed. If you are waking up groggy and still tired from your slumber, you may be tossing and turning on an old lumpy mattress. Have you owned your mattress more than eight years? It may be time to get a new bed. Nectar Sleep Mattress will deliver you a mattress to your doorstep and give you a 365 Night Sleep Trial.

Plan your Day:

The first steps towards waking up early in the morning actually do not begin in the morning, but rather the night before. By preparing your day the night before you can alleviate the anxiety of not knowing what you have to tackle the following day. Planning allows you to have a clear motivation of what you want to accomplish and ensures you do not forget anything. Review your calendar, confirm meeting times, and create your task list.

Pick a bedtime:

Set out to sleep at the same time every day. By doing so it, ensures you get a full night’s sleep. If you are going to bed every night at 2 am and aiming to start your day at 6 am, you will never feel at your best with only 4 hours of sleep. The body will demand more rest and keep you under the covers. To wake up early, pick a bedtime 7 – 8 hours before your intended wake time.

Wake up to your dreams!

The morning hours are prime time for your mission and goals. Take these hours as an opportunity to get excited about that Cyclebar or yoga class you always been wanting to take (bonus tip: invite a friend to hold you accountable). The quiet morning hours are a time to excited about writing that book or blog stuck in your brain. Or use the morning as an opportunity to learn a new skill, and set the time aside to read or take an online class. By being intentional about a personal growth benefit you will receive by waking up earlier than usual, gives you that extra motivation to banish the snooze button.

Get the right tools ready!

Get your alarm clock, a wake-up light, an excellent toothbrush, a programmable coffee machine, a meditation app (I highly recommend Headspace), your workout clothes, or the ingredients for a healthy breakfast ready. Whatever it takes to make your morning a success and with less friction, invest in them and you’ll be off to enjoying, not dreading, your morning!

Ok seriously, how to wake up early?

It’s showtime, you’ve done all the preparation, you’re excited about all the day’s possibilities! The alarm goes off…and you instinctively hit the snooze! You’ll become a morning person tomorrow. NOOOOOO! No gym. No jogging. No writing. No reading. No learning. Here we go again! Sound familiar? Time to break the spell. Let’s first tackle the alarm clock problem.

Move the alarm clock across the room

By moving the constant buzzing across the room, and away from your bed, you force yourself to get out of bed and walk to turn the alarm clock off. Sure, you can go back to bed afterward, but now that you are out of bed you are more likely to stretch, walk to the bathroom, or get dressed for the gym. Anything is better than staying in bed and letting your goals remain dormant as well.

Splash and brush

Now that you are awake and standing up, go to the bathroom, splash some cold water on your face and brush your teeth. I know…duh. But by doing simple tasks, your brain will respond in moving forward with the next items in your day. The cold water gives a nice jolt to the senses. Plus, you’ll breath will be minty fresh!

Move that body!

Imagine if you were sitting all day for 8 hours, with minimal movement and without a sip of water. You’ll be stiff as a board! Your back would ache, and you will be dehydrated! Take a few moments to stretch your muscles, move your arms and legs, and go for a glass of water.

Look forward to the morning

Tony Robbins has a useful strategy in goal achievement called “setting up the game to win!” What can you do to make your morning the most exciting and productive time of your day? Have your favorite coffee or smoothie. Listen to your favorite playlist or podcast. Take the fitness class with the trainer you love. Pray or meditate in peace before the rest of the house wakes up. Take the online course you’ve been putting off. If you are anticipating all the morning’s possibilities you will wake up eager and ready to go. Make your morning time as exciting for you as possible.

Visualize the new and improved morning person version of yourself

Visualize achieving the goal or vision of yourself when you consistently begin to wake up early. As one of the habits from Dr. Steven R. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People states, “begin with the end in mind.” If waking up early in the morning allows you go to the gym, visualize the new healthier and fit you. Or think about how working out will make you more energetic and vibrant in everything you do in all the other areas of your life. Or if you’re studying in the morning, visualize about how each hour you are spending towards your education is making you more and more valuable in your profession, which can translate to a better position, prestige or a higher salary.

You have “see” yourself as that person. If you regularly tell yourself you will never be a morning person, guess what? You will never be a morning person. Instead, decide to be a morning person because you are focused on your passions and goals! You are eager to start the day off right and get going on becoming that best version of yourself.


Remember, we all are born with different advantages and disadvantages, but the one variable that is the same for everyone is time. How you best utilize your morning will go a long way in determining your success. So make tomorrow morning the day you become a morning person.

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